Promethazine Vc-codeine Syrup
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(Rdimscke Slaalsvcru-allaHg, iii, 45ff., ig6f.), on the other hand, gives these

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that a not inconsiderable portion of the Council is with me in the matter, that is, that

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prevent them from destroying the crops and harvest, a sow

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so as to secure the establishment of one or more public

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chest, and but a teaspoonful or two in the pericardium. The lungs of both

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In view of such details as these, one is inclined to doubt

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has had a fitful existence with us amongst some of those credulous souls

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tion of the recording tape reel was found to produce

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dence that epinephrine may be the drug of choice ) Bronchospasm — Administer a beta ; -

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fluid at its lower part; there was also Bright's disease.

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nary Artery Disease or Angina Pectoris at Rest Due to Coro-

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ness, pallor, perspiration, and collapse) may occur even with the usual therapeutic dose. Drug

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exception of oral contraceptives in women over 40 who smoke

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admission. In one of the cases, a female, who had been using large doses

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produced the pulsation of the jugular veins. Imperfection of the tricuspid

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other is very remarkable. In May last the ther;aometer

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To establish, by statute, that persons age six (6) and older would have two (2)

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one in which the establishment of artificial respiration, as practised by Mr.

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opening by means of the trocar, was a useless operation.

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and Strasbourg. The titular and assistant professors are appointed by the

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the third day, the other, giving vent to pus from the

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sand things which evidently are. the reason for which w

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quently deepened, either generally or partially, in

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less iDractically important matter contained in the

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eyebrows there was no difluse swelling, but four or five

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ance as they do in the genuine form of Bright's disease in the first stage.

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they should have, simply because they are not registered; while they are good enough,

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finer fibres serve as points of attachment to still more delicate ones, which

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by it. We can, consequently, strongly recommend it to the practitioner and

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429 and 420 B, C. The fury of the plague, which fell most

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Doctor of Medicine was conferred on 19 individuals.

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within the chest, on which both are in fact dependent.

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if you divide it into two courses of fifty lectures each, one course for the first year and

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date of potass, to act both as an alterative and a diuretic; also of the iodide

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in some of the preparations on the table. In the present form of ulcer, as in

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spect, and he took, besides beef-tea and milk, four

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to the cure ; but a very large majority of our patients, in sections of the

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“It is late,” declares Dr. Smith, “and if it had

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of whom we have so often made honourable mention— has been elected

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