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anterior nerve roots (third and fourth), and attributed his

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From same i^aticnt as Fig. IV. five hours after bismuth

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tion, and the infant began to fall off. Circumstances prevented the

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animals, and supplied with soft laxative food, such as

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dustrial accidents, simple trades like basket weaving,

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vounpfer members present to one or two points which

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portion by numerous adhesions. The right tube contained

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them, and it is practically impossible to isolate them

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29. One General Secretary and Treasurer to be elected at the Annual

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purgatives, to remove poisonous materials not already

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thirty-five weeks, the deaths from tuberculosis in-

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the privilege of Fellows on payment of Member's subscription.

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joint is of tardy occurrence. There is a cytological

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that day the pulse-rate was 72, the axillary temperature 97.2°.

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brought down the flap and united its edges with sutures, and adhe-

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sympathies, and has already called out the labour of some of our

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Case XXII. — E. Q., aged seven and a half, a delicate

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etiological relation to these war diseases. Bacterial

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joy that I've never soiled the brightness of my feel-

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the danger of a rupture following, and because of the

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meal there sometimes results a severe irritation of the

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process is slow, a seaton or tape passed through the

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in doses of 5,000,000 being given until the twelfth day,

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tutions, etc., will be printed with neatness and dispatch, and at the

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ture of the missile in cases where the injury to the

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upper nasal region, the yault of the pharynx and the

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infection and of the imi)ortance of continuing treat-

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premature birth ; if the fetus is not sufficiently devel-

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slope to the rear, the plank running lengthwise of the

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the most rapid during the first five years of life.

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thicknesses are necessary, and of a gauze of twenty

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tumour did not seem to him to correspond with either con-

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