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unfit to generate mechanical power for propelling the blood.

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a report just made to the Biological Society of Paris, by Doc-

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cal attendant who applied the vapour of chloroform. In ten min-

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dure any operation, however painful or hazardous, to save life.

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forcibly injecting cold water over the parts, or by picking away

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therefore a great gain in waiting till the peritonitis is localized in

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vertex, or it may be grasped, brought into the strait, and placed

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is the inevitable conclusion, will be seen from the following quota-

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get d; uent of tubercles, and the results of such a deposit.

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physicians, &., and especially the treatment ascribed to such, to be a base and

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third, was " equally fibrous, but there was this striking differ-

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be of service to students of this class, while in attendance upon the

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Dyspeptic Stools. The first change noticed in the dyspeptic

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collegiate year, with terms and vacations of appropriate length, offering a

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same morbid action in the mucous membrane by the internal use

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excess in another. It does not take long for a man of any ob-

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cre itself become so enfeebled that it can produce but. slowly its

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the Huron House, Port Huron, Wednesday, June, 1857, Dr. Stock-

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A Practical Treatise on the Diseases peculiar to Women. Illustrated by

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er stricture in the sphincter ani,"" &c, &i\ Subsequent experience

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liver oil and without its nauseous taste and smell.

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every time there was a movement and cleansed, then re-inserted.

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obvious that the veriest neophyte cannot fail fully to comprehend them,

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brought about by a poison in the blood, by puerperal fever, some*

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sion, for which she was bled copiously ; three hours after, another

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pulse 80 or 100 per minute ; feeble ; tending to and actually rapidly

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He has used it for ten years without ever having had cause to

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has been written — it has honored Presidents. Those thus honored

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