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VII, IX, X and XII, a slight thickening in frontal regions of VIII

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remarks without an expression of appreciation to the local health

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upon the subject of nutrition, normal and abnormal and the

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cious lad, was brought to me because "he wets the bed three or four

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honest deliverance of the late John Syre Bristowe, once President

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libraries in the Hospital and in the Medical School, and are

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blood. There was a bearing-down sensation in the pelvis ; also a

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Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, 1915, xx, No. 5.

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must accept the probable explanation of an improvement in

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Dec. 18, 1908, the patient was exhibited before the medical

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I have had some interesting surprises. The diagnosis of malaria is,

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progress. $5 per volume. Foreign postage, fifty cents.)

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The following elective courses are offered during the fourth

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tient is on an ordinary mixed diet containing the common food-

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sciousness as in coma, is dreamless. Some believe that there is no

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so brilliantly established in the end, has led directly

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M. D., University of Maryland, 1912; Dispensary Ophthalmologist, J. II. II.

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valuable signs for localization. It is almost invariably placed over

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Broadway, or from Smith & Wilcox, Harrell & Klein or Scarbrough

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onset, when he began to show mental symptoms resembling the

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Lillian Lydia Nye. New Haven, Conn. 527 N. Wolfe St.

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called normal elderly persons and certain senile dements. Still,

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tendo-achilles is then divided by subcutaneous tenotomy and the

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This work is largely experimental and obviously closely

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the cerebrum are markedly sclerotic and atheromatous. The

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is continued in the second year, together with general path-

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a. Practical Instruction. In small groups, two hours four

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as an endowment before the Medical School of the University was

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of the greatest scientists of the world are times without number

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and well known and well to do physicians, who have taken the

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Wassermann antigens from normal heart tissues. — Journal of

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