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Another application of supra-vaginal exsection of the uterus and

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brings no iron routine of duty to be faced ; the evening brings few, and

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suture which is frequently used in the posterior layer in doing the

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tures, heminaesthesia, etc., while among the members of the upper

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pon could be inserted the child lost about thirty-two ounces of blood. It

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after the stiffness caused by the first movement of the leg had passed off.

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In the course of the past year much has been published about the antiseptic

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very question of good faith is one that makes an experienced

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these, in which the mass consists of engorged, strangulated,

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and speedily cases that have gone even as far as suppuration, by opening and

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on the cervix and vagina. He thinks that a better result is obtained by doing

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The President, Joseph P. Murphy, M. D., in the Chair.

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apparatus is near, we can use a hypo needle, cover the butt end with

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in a child with the finding and history such as I present are, I think,

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so that it will be sufficient to say that the concluding chapter on this

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Lungs : Right side from apex to base anteriorly percussion is hyper-

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not read, by general consent. The Membership Committee pre-

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little or no solid matter, allowed to granulate up. If after incision the tumor

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those parts of the subject he has made so peculiarly his own ; " he has

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was seized with orthopnoea and cardialgia. Sulphate of quinine and

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vitality, with a steady pyrexia, uniformly rapid and small pulse, absence

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the mass could not be reduced by any means. On the second

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power of speech, or at least of articulate speech. Loss of appetite was

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pathologically an inflammatory process involving the rete and " upper

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the pills were continued ; he was jaundiced, had lost his appetite, com-

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skill and experience are desirable in the operative technique.

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interval between the recurrences upon the thigh was much longer when

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the abdominal walls, and he should avoid all severe pressure of

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well demonstrated in the consideration of the subject of this

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(9) The nerve supply of the rectum and anus is derived from

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larnin V they are instruments in the hands of the author to deal

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compulsory health insurance, or old age pensions or unemployment

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