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females' oviposition recorded. The latter were kept at 75° F. when not

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9. GoUip, J. B., Selye, H., and Thompson, D. L. 1933. Gonad-stimulating hor-

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a menace to themselves, and that they are thus unable to con-

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necessity of rest, which keeps the gluteus maximus muscle re-

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draughtsman in the motor department. In 1914 he entered Union College

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of the firing line. The clearing station is a field hospital of 600

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expertise. We had two meetings with the governor’s

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Dosage and Administration: Experimental dosage reported in treatment of

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superb facilities for such training and every man became acquainted

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remark. They are not all of venereal origin. Assuming that

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in hospitals and large cities would imply a physician to be pos-

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should not regard the inquest as a trivial or informal matter.

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West Virginia physicians are already paid less than the

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of such common injuries as wounds, infections, burns, and the usual

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Youman's statements as to the health of Herbert Spencer. . . . 246

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spherical shapes. High fever and septicemia also have the

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Committee and Council Meetings; coordinates visits of

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cart to his home three-quarters of a mile away, sitting erect.

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Department of Public Safety, Bureau of Health, Albany, N.

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in pharmacy, and extended reputation, was a valuable asset to

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for the calculated dose of Marrian and Parke is not very far out of

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obtained from the urine of pregnant women appear to have little

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Hemaiologic-Patal thrombocytopenia was reported in a pabent treated with

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If you want to give to a cause that’s guaranteed to make you feel good, give to your hospital.

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cate leucorrhea and gonorrhea. The discharge of leucorrhea

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convicted of manslaughter. In 1843 one boy killed another

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Since there was a definite secretion of milk for a few hours post

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taken from the vagina of a little girl fourteen days after she

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along with typical illustrations of their combinations in prescriptions.

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multiparous women. If a woman, who had submitted her-

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