Deltasone 20 Mg Uses
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tion, color tests, cryoscopy of the urine, determination of the specific gravity,

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cause : but as if certain states of the constitution

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If tne bleeding is stopped by these methods, the physician should be

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designation is applied to those cases in which there is evidence of definite

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tne blood and stools, and looks upon that as a useful point in diagnosis. The

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tlii-y ;iri' piniliii-i'il liy the liniii' inniinu. Imt rathi'i' In llic ('net thai '

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of water by the bowels ; — this at first took place

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Gros (1864) its advantages were perceived, and Sattler combined this with

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result in the more frequent discovery of mild cases.

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ing himself as in perfectly good health and being entirely free from symp-

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and show thickened walls. The cortex is narrowed ; it may measure only

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It was further found, by examination of the resjiiratory (piotienf, tlia'

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involved. Conseauently, for many of this group the designation fibrositis

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of the node is fairly well preserved. The lymph sinuses are dilated, and

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a few minutes, as she rested on the sofa, they, too, had the vivid pink appear-

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the 2ueens Lying-in Hospital ; Bernard Street, Russell

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nephritis. Some of these errors are due to attempts to make a diagnosis with

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ilifl'creiit Ciiiii those (if eiihcr iii f its ciimpiincnfs. When yulU of cirir

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the cxcilaliil:; i oi' the respiiator.v ccnti r has man,\ advocati's. aiiioic.

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Oomplications. — ^In the strictest sense, cardiac incompetence and dilata-

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Trauma at birth has not been noted in any instance. About eighteen

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■ xplanation is that the oxyijen is lieintr used in the chemical proeoss in-

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disease exists per se or whether the co-existence of two diseases is here

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side m one and then appear in the other. The size of the swelling varies

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s\allowin({, whereas the thin watery secretion prodiu-ed liy the dry

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1.1'.'. I)is<CMi;ili.ill iliixcs (if lli'lnnyliiliiii US.",

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loiiitlii'i' so as to preserve a loyieal eom innity, ami show the liearint; of

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mechanical conditions in the kidney or even of its nutritional activity can

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