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features of this juvenile form It is a progressive wasting

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with the healthy. The more frequent occurrence of leprosy in

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functions of man in health or disease contributes to the

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Sheep are often affected with colds falling upon their

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Ireland Mackenzie s Some Things Abroad and Dr. Holmes Hundred

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to occasional stippled cells platelets decreased and

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recognition. Characteristic symptoms may lack and the heart

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of tubules not unlike the convoluted tubules in the cortex of the kidney.

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diaphragm descends the pressure of the atmosphere then compresses the

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through the provisions of the Health Security Act and its amend

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taken place within a few hours after the operation the mem

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seven other cases that terminated fatally. In a number of

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Nomination papers must be sent to one of the undersigned by the

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witliout glasses and she had had an attack of intlani

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ectomy for Myoma by Dr. Frederick A. Baldwin of New

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to be a rare disease. There was no history of otitis

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flrmed by positive results on tbe fauman urethra. He believes

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coma. Whether it be the consequence of cerebral surprise produced by

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spective districts relative to the number of cases and the cause of the

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tion however caused are attended by a pathological multiplication of

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