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Meigs adduced, in contrast with the foregoing case, that of a female

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62. Biliary Calculus, size of a hickory nut, showing radiated

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cardiac orifice is the seat in the proportion often per cent. As exceptions

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a late work on " Females and their Diseases,*' where a young girl

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the anthelmintic remedy should be followed, after a few hours, b}^ a pretty

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latter case their presence is readily ascertained by exploration, and they

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sputa and characteristic r&Ie clearly showed that the solidifi-

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apparently very well, after a day of considerable exertion, both

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N. B. — We refuse to publish the name of the above well-known Sanitarium,

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An INVAL.UABLE flEMEDY in the treatment of Phthisis— it ar-

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different portions of the muscular system successively become greatly

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" The volume of gas is so great that it is dangerous fa

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it is desirable that as the name of a disease, the term should become obso-

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disease, i^iven in either large doses, united with opium in ordei' to prevent

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Sleeplessness, Nervousness, Neuralgia, Headache, Convulsions, ^

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are useful. Moderate stimulation of the surfsice of the abdomen b}' sinap-

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called croup. Ware distinguished these as cases of catarrhal croup. The

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Asthma, more than fifty per cent, of the cases yield to oxygen treatment, others are very greatly

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is a curative remedy in peritonitis, in spasmodic affections like colic, and

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Phthisis, Tuberculosis, Catarrh, Cough, Scrofula, Chlorosis^

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exist. With the present uncertainty respecting the nature of the material,

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The Cord was very thick, and consisted of two umbilical veins,

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It was in the first month (January), during a spell of remark*

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which he now voluntarily takes for me, a very fine, but distinctly

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both, especially the former, but they do not effect anj- desirable object, and

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the danger is greater when they are derived from the liver than when they

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apparent, and the intercostal depressions became visible ; vesicular respi-

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noticed as true tubercle; at the present time, however, distinguished

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famous boarding-school of Friends at West Town, in Chester County,

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THE prevention of disease is an object connected with pathological

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disease. Owing to these symptoms the patient is apt to lie upon the back

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which they may create; it is the influence of combined and har-

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each act may be small. The quantity is not always in proportion to other


of zinc and ergot. A measure which seems to claim something more than

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iting in Pregnancy, Bright' s Disease, Intestinal Ailments of Infants,

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not only the inconvenience and distress, but the permanent injury caused

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