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and happiness of the public more than the proper development

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Quite recently two interesting cases came under my observation where

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an available point for the deposit of malignant disease. This

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vomiting would indicate obstruction of the bowel. Here also we may

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and the former condition does not tend to dislocate the adjacent organs.

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we better understand a few of the already well-proven drugs?

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avoided before any favorable results can be hoped for from local applica-

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right ventricle, and hence has the same etiology as the latter conditions.

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5. Acute infectious disease, especially as an initial symptom of pneu-

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Symptoms. — The disease usually commences with certain indefinite

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by incised or punctured wounds, or be the seat of neuritis due to expo-

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the value of the Wasserman reaction. "806" was discovered a little too

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though generally it is rather sudden. Chilliness, nausea and vomiting,

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have been of unusual interest in a number of respects. At the meeting

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Treatment. — Prophylaxis is of supreme importance, both as to the

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S. 1. Paralysis of rectum and bladder; paresis of muscles of legs.

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treatment may, in turn, reproduce an organic murmur.

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provides protective secretions of her own and that too much scraping,

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of powdered carmin at the beginning and end of the test diet.

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disorders, and a rheumatic, gouty, or scrofulous diathesis. The usual

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be administered, and if the stomach will not bear the introduction of

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the same symptoms, with the difference that the contractions are usually

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juice by modern methods. The following table will permit the elimina-

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urine, and edema, requires heart-tonics and stimulants, in conjunction

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Treatment. — There are two objects of treatment around which all

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is not infrequently distinguished from aneurysm of the abdominal aorta

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the fatal rupture. I saAv a case of aneurysm of the transverse portion

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diuretics diminish hyperglykemia by increasing the glycosuria. The

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Arising from the anterior wall, it may early form a well-defined tumor.

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by way of the lymph-channels. The disease is often secondary to

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electric changes and of sensory symptoms, with or without fever, serve

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Hepatic Colic. — AVhen a gall-stone becomes impacted in a bile-duct

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tion of the watery portions of the food, are normally formed in the large

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often obscuring completely the reticulum of the gland, except in the

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sternum that has been ascribed to the persistence of the thymus gland.

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The Medical Advance, a journal always bringing some new ideas to

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may perforate the gastric coats and open its vessels.

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