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upon the streets from no need of earning her livelihood, but solely
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minor form of itching, characteristic of minor forms of cutaneous inflam-
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•called them, are highly resistant, remaining unchanged in water for
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Archives ginirales de mAdecine, 2nd series, p. 74; 1834. —30. Von Petersen.
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same muscle, or group of muscles, is kept in constant action until fatigue
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times follows the initial rigor. Several varieties occur. The most
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tion of the poison by way of the bowels or kidneys ; or to counteract
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relations are alike in the ccaes of skin and mucous membranes. Mucous
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dentition or puberty which have recently been described under the name
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in amount. The scaling, however, is not confined to the conglomerate
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quite unable to stir hand or foot, or even to cry out. The process always
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