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of the virgin soil. It still prevails in parts of North Carolina (Osier),

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practice in Cleveland, Ohio, and in Portland, Oregon.

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More frequently there are headache and convulsions, folio-wed later by

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Diagnosis. — In diagnosticating pleurisy our attention must be

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of the kidney, its iufundibula, and calyces (dendritic or coral calculi).

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builder. A peritoneal abscess was found, while the appendix was becoming gangrenous.

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membrane, which becomes opaque and thickened. Contraction of this

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are — (1) Mental excitement, depression or emotion ; (2) Anemia (from

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off, leaving an oozing surface. Rupture soon follows.

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ready and satisfactory substitute for clinical observation. To those

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with acute rheumatism, Bright's disease, and pulmonary tuberculosis.

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Btiology. — Chronic pancreatitis may be due to several attacks of

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also demanded, and in addition quinin, sodium salicylate, and antiseptics

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they be poisonous, constitutional infection is speedily propagated.

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followed by circumscribed resistance in the same region (a grouping

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Legislative Needs of the Board; of Registration in Medicine. By

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also, the interstitial connective tissue. Beginning with marked hyper-

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traction of a girdle ulcer in the central part of the organ. . Nearly all

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that among 500 new-born children in Vienna, 75.8 per cent, show dis-

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indurated. Secondary lesions also include skin-eruptions and ocular

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Definition. — Concretions formed in the gall-bladder, due to an

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displacement of all the viscera, mobility of the kidney is often asso-

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of the various abdominal muscles. The influence of respiration on

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changes resembling those of acute yellow atrophy. The disease rarely

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parts of the body, but commences earlier, and becomes deeper especially

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is feeble, and in such the carbohydrates are better borne than the albu-

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(4) Cephalodynia. — By this term is meant rheumatism of the head-

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to the wall. With the progressive enlargement of the aneurysm sur-

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