Ofloxacin Otitis Media
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advances, confluent attacks showing greater prominence,
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Kirchholf lays little stress upon post-mortem findings. " If
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and Surgical Instruments and Appliances, Microscopes, etc.
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ended March 31st last. This being so, the Editor expresses
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Table III. — Share of Small-pox Deaths borne by Children in Pre-
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a sausage-shaped tumour was found lying behind the caecum. This I
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tion by means of inoculation. This critique appears at the
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readily accounted for. In this connection it will be interest-
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quite healthy (except the peritoneum), although the disease
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seriously to do, an enormous expenditure would have to be
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^ Map of Kiier Basins ill County i:rniips. Defining the Natural Jurisdic-
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sanitary science. Compression has been carried out some-
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the last two years of hypertrichosis of some region of the
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George's Hospital; T. S Novis, London Hospital; E. J. O'Meara,
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abdominal section, any man might be justified, from the ex-
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POGSON, \V., F.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.Edin., reappointed Medical Officer of
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to establish an inherited specific predisposition to the disease
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diseases shall be put in force against all arrivals from London.
ofloxacin otitis media
betes clinically, as well as scientifically, into two great and
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and guaiacol with olive oil. The proportions whicii we used

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