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friend whom for thirty years he had, in the words of Polonius,
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with such an appearance of the tongue. In some cases, though the
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velop in chorea, their relationship to rheimiatism is imdoubted.
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Still another important association is between the nerves arising
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quent occurrence, but it is quite usual in the case of ocular
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action of the inhibitory vagus nerves that they may cause death by
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ing in Dublin is worth as much as that of a visitor. As to
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giving rise to gout. In America gout used to be quite an aristocratic
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inflammations of children how soon serious symptoms accompanied
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tions the vascular sedative action of topical bloodletting is often
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a powerful suction on both the pleural walls and on the fettered lungs.
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contend for the discontinuance of alcohol and the adoption
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destruction of the insect by using sulphur in a fluid form.
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senior Honorary Secretary, Dr. Walter Baugh Hadden. By
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effect upon the proprietors of such remedies we have pointed
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Being the royal tissue, it will have its supply of blood, however seri-
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the sum of .£200 to the fourth quinquennial fund of the
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As this prohibition might entail the danger of a general insur-
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with none of the rigidity characteristic of gastritis. Vomiting is also
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from the surgeon to one who has intestinal obstruction." Else-
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he had seen the patient too long after the occurrence to be
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this purpose is veratrum viride. The official tincture of aconite of the
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Thus, as we have remarked in diabetes mellitus, the muscles, besides
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tion of nervous matter, become tinged with the coloring-matter of the
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Professor Sheridan D^lepine, Dr. Soltau Fenwick, Dr. Gal-
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Ergot is here also a specific for the attacks themselves, administered
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Le M. Bunch, of London. Clut}' Memorial Prize : (£l.i) T. H. C. Stevenson,
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of seven or eight days acute rheumatism sets in, as we have remarked
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the end of the preceding four weeks ; .'^o new cases were admittedJ
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Dr. Crawford Renton, Rushton Parker, D. Lowson, and W.
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moir he gives tlie particulars of four cases in wliicli these organs were
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Sclerosis of the arteries and wasting of the kidney substance con-
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the annexed diagram, seemed nevertheless to retain it&
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which they have suflered has not been of the type of in-
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tion to extend the field so as to embrace departments of learn-
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