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with trophic lesions, muscular atrophies, and aifections of the bones.

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symptoms are usually very obstinate, but after relief is afforded from the

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When the auriculo-ventricular valves are affected the primary seat of

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This diet gives ij^ liters of milk, ioo Gm. zweiback, 2 eggs,

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value in distinguishing between the idiopathic or reflex type and that

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epigastrium. Rarely there is increased salivary secretion (pancreatic

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largement of the organs, and during intra-uterine life they may attain a

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turbid urine. Interesting cases are those in which a dendritic stone

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libria! mechanism. The auditory fibers decussate in the region of the

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the milk should be sterilized, as there is no more reason why one should

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travasation. Secondary thrombi are usually septic. Primary throm-

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hence the limit of dulness will be higher in the sitting than in the re-

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localized, and in which unconsciousness may or may not occur, is called

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Symptoms. — Wherever the parasite is situated, it may often be felt'

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often it is associated with a fine tremor, and at times there are clonic

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Each book is of convenient size (5x7 inches) , containing on an average 250 pages,

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choked discs, and perhaps one or more miliary tubercles. The leuko-

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meals. Each case must be treated accoixling to its special indications.

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director. The needle should be introduced with a quick thrust, hug-

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moderate grade of stenosis, though the leaflets themselves remain intact.

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and even since that time, in spite of the great advance in our knowl-

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^ Tests for Bile. — Gmeliu^s teM, or the play of colors, consists in bringing a few drops

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as before pointed out, is more or less compressed) may be heard broncho-

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worries, and high nervous tension connected with modern business ac-

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and sloughing of the pelvis, sometimes follows the severe infections of

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back of tlie neck. will, as a rule, render the diagnosis a simple one.

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well borne, fruits and green vegetables may be added ; but fried meats

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to adduce all of the facts that tend to support this theory, the following

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be suspected, by exclusion. Here the physical examination of the chest

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