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agreement with this it has been found that its salt, NaCl, precipitates colloids

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Bacilluria does not necessarily cause any symptoms unless cystitis occurs.

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with the first case, there is much to encourage us. We cannot tell how many

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individuals who had had previous attacks. Rychner's general mortality in

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there is only a suspicion of typhoid fever. We are too apt to temporize and

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servations, has been found in interepidemic periods, with or without in-

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in localities which have never suffered from cholera does not allow of the

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General invasion by the staphylococcus, the pneumococcus and the

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(6) The specific gravity of the twenty -four hours' urine

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which are most likely to be mistaken for perforation are as follows :

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are less marked. On the other hand, endovascular lesions are more

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specific eruption may be absent or represented by a few scattered papules or

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stitutional, and more definite. A soldier may have many

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Fig. 27 shows a curve from a case in which there was a third rise coincident

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During the nineteenth centurv there were four great pandemics : 1830-32,

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a very long period and should not disqualify from a short-term

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tions, the leukocyte curve shows as a rule a normal number during the febrile

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probably soon lost in dried sputum. The enormous numbers in which it

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ish-black. The edges of the tongue are clean, red and oedematous. The

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not be grouped as examples of attenuated pyaemia, without making a pure

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of absence of a general blood immunity, or of the destruction of the blood

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to the Staphylococcus aureus or the streptococcus, may come on gradually

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epithelial lesions that they can be considered as a causal factor.

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mix the two dilutions directly on the cover-slip, and for this a platinum loop

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extension of the infectious process, as in the successive invasion of the

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albuminous urine, etc.). Precipitinogen of bacterial origin may be secured

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in nowise, save in being less extensive, from the exanthem of smallpox.

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We may perhaps define this as all in medical science, or its

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Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York. — Females

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reports indicate. Lublinski gives 4 cases, 1 original. An interesting loca-

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diphtheria and tetanus — lessons taught also by clinical experience.

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etc. There is one case of cerebral embolism, but the age

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childhood, whilst other children and adults are less frequently affected.

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be given to the company. The so-called cardio-respiratory

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Focal lesions, consisting of hemorrhage and inflammation, have been

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could be traced from the pleura to the peritoneum. In the vast majority

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Dr. Grant agreed v/ith Dr. Fisher, that the more com-

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even below the normal. As already stated this will be recognized only if

pictures of amaryl tablets

Bone Marrow. — Chiari in 1893 investigated the marrow in 22 cases

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