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by any bronchitis. In such case of primary asthma the affection is a

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the managers have got to a point in their history when it

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found one day in bed, the small-pox eruption just appearing faintly.

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fluence upon the latter? Are the organs still in condition to fix the

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gineer, I elicited some very interesting and valuable hints in

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with somewhat firm consistence. The scirrhus variety is characterized

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ling occupying the centre of the breast with the nipple on

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nious theory, however, lacks the facts which would demonstrate it, and,

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thevaginaandan iodoform gauze antiseptic pad over the vulva.

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300 pages) on the orchitic liquid, gives 7 cases, in 5 of

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Where, oh where, does the five pound registration fee go of

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enough, but it does not therefore follow that because a

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Kleetricity, in every day practice, 237 ; Practical,

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Robson, so well known to the Association, is an accomplished

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tion on Diseases of the Heart. After the affection of the mitral, the

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room in the body for anything really new. A tiunor, even if only a

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emetics are contra-indicated, and a full dose of 5 gr. of the sulphate of

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use of German practitioners who have to deal ofiicially with

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The last chapter gives a variety of information— conveyance

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We have already stated that when asthma supervenes upon chronic

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Lothian, and to play golf over his private course. On the

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and from then on he made an uninterrupted recovery. Ordinarily,

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some of the mental dulness, and, to some extent, for the inaptitude

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many cases of so-called hysteric spasm of the glottis are, in reality,

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red meats in the dietary, but, however used, the physician should be on

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hospitals, but nothing wrong had been foQod&i Im ^^il-^^j^^Me?^ ^ .*

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destroyed and the walls were thickened by deposit of caseous mate-

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■the circumstances to set aside the claims of his private

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egg yolk also inhibits the secretion of hydrochloric add. The portion

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of gastritis the gastric waUs still remain strong oiou^ to force the

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sequences that may result from the use of secret remedies.

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my power to maintain and elevate the standard of my profession, and

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of sodium benzoate, as mentioned in the treatment of kidney and

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go anywhere: it may burst into a bronchial tube, and thus form a bron-

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siderable portion of the pecuniary loss he would otherwise

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as might be expected from the effects of cold in contracting so many

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fingers, but especially in the middle and index He was nevertheless able

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nock from incompetence of the tricuspid \*alves, and in extreme cases

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