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Ordinary bread of all sorts (in quantity), rye, wheat, brown, or white.

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with a view to remove any existing cause of pressure. In

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jtra veiled in the ambulances would tell injuriously on many of

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reproductive cells are independent of, and uninfluenced by,

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The Great Eastern Railway have issued a new edition of

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rural districts. He was made a Justice of the Peace for the

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made whenever practicable. Other micro-organisms are also to be

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the ears, or the conjimctiva. This invasion rarely takes place xmless

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further arrangements whereby women should gain a know-

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recent report to the Local Government Board (April, l^yji, says : "There

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into four stages: First, that of simple hyperemia; this is soon fol-

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quaries, who have gathered there an interesting museum.

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King, Dr., appointed Assistant Medical Officer of Health for the Barry

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witli cholera on coming from infected ports are examined tn the Penarth

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cre itself usually begin. The induration diminishes, the central por-

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swellings may be dangerous to life in some situations, for 2 dcathft

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is not contagious, for if a man is infected he can communicate it to

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My work will shortly appear in print for the criticism of

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We are, therefore, now better enabled to understand what the ori-

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pain in the spleen, then, after an evening spent in dancing, he had

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would only lead to the sufl'erers hiding the disease, and to. 1

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hour later she felt "something give way inside her," ami this was fol-

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their sphere of influence ; they, however, unite to form groups

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North Biding of Yorkshire in October last. The funeral,

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Sjrmptoms. — Diabetes is usually insidious in its onset, the patient

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One of the most indisputable proofs of this statement is shown by the

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which took place on May 23rd, was very largely attended.

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The operations of the Asylums Board have been of the

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of ergot, given in dram doses with a dram of elixir cinchona in water, by

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the superior angle projects upward. When the arms are held out in

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was to inject water into the bowel, from a pint to a pint and

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and specimen pages of which have been sent to us by the

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ifish, and accordingly Dr. L. Pfeitfer begins his work by giving

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excess of large nucleated blood-corpuscles, as if the marrow were

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