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minute lesions of the nervous system have as yet been

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this communication, which was presented at the International

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these organisms, occupying as they do, the protoplasm

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ditions for operating, some slighter depressions unac-

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Dr. Henby a. Leipsigeb, Burlington, referred to the best

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test is a valuable index of the intensity of an infection. It is

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nized the ray fungus or actinomyces. More recent re-

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the heart muscle itself. He thinks it would be well to be

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ing. A i<lill more Bigniflcant phenomenon is a painful desire

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overcome, and an adhesive rubber dam produced* which

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there shall be no compulsory vaccination in his city.

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the accused, but not as to his responsibility, that being a ques-

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equal parts. He claims this is the very best and most satis-

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e-tomatitis appears, pure tincture of myrrh may be applied to

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aa a rule, are all favorable to the bill. They realize that summer

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tics are dangerous. Under daily irrigation with such

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pericardial friction sounds again returned, but they disap-

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Intense pain In lower limbs. . Crushing so complete that removal

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to exercise the care of a prudent man in like circumstances

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Delegates at each annual meeting its action during the pre-

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expected from them, however, than from antidiabetic diet in

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Acute Infectious Diseases: Measles, scarlatina, vari-

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the report of the Special Committee on Reorganization be

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At the meeting of this Society, May 1, ten members were

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A simple fall is insufficient to give rise to a movable

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fourth day, she complained of pains in the left arm and

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ceived the recognition it deserves. Dr. Bryne's skill in its

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fourth annual meeting of this Association was held in Jackson,

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It shall also be the duty of the Secretary of each Section to

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cirrhosis, also produces fatty degeneration, especially of

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the relations between certain of the body measurements,

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exclusive societies devoted to special work may be right

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side, and the slightest motion at the hip-joint was

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the galvanocautery should be selected in preference to

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tion and pathology. Besides this, M6ni^re's disease

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body, and can be retained in a dry stage in permanent form,

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cases studied. Only one or two of the symptoms were not

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the cases 81 were married and 43 single; 3 not stated.

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the line of their attachment. The heart was much hyper-

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claimed consequences of the same. The determination of the

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In accordance with your instructions we have also submitted

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air particulars. Microscopic examination showed a congestion

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