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by a case report, and (4) to emphasize the need for


tongue depressor, ansal speculum, and magnifying lens,

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has been asked for advice and approval, as the situ-

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subject. The object of this paper is therefore to refresh the memory of

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interestingly, and it contains valuable information

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And, should a fistula occur, it will close itself in

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In this second of a series of announcements intended to acquaint the medical profes-

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annual aggregate gross salaries totaled about fifty-eight

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Steele, director of the Research Service at Goldwater Memorial Hospital, speak on

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of the Care of the Patient was referred to the Plan-

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reglan-metoclopramide side effects in dogs

sity Medical College, March 28 to April 1, 1955, fee

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Dr. Ounn, from committee of Arrangemeots, asked that a special com-

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cause of delay and failure to successfully interpret a

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mologist, or psychiatrist in new air-conditioned professional

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to go through to the back. Insomnia. Bowels move well

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minutes afterwards, and brought before tbe assizeb of the Rhone. Not*

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in health and when influenced by disease, furnishes an interesting sub-

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Gardiner: Adeno-carcinoma of the kidney. Med. Jour. Aus-

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into action, and the morbid action of the flexors at the same time with-

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the percentage rising to 5 per cent four weeks after

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cially for this edition; the subject, which had been only

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sion of the Epidemic Yellow Fever in Memphis, Tenn., in

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Dr. Hardy, of Dublin, published in the November number of the DuUm

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