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while those of the Danish breed received each 160 kroner ($42.88).
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Charles R. McAdam. St. Louis (1949). Associate Members —
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most likely that it is a variant of the more common
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A vote of thanks was given the speakers and the So-
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125, dated June 27, 1904, and all amendments thereto, except the portions of the last-
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by him in experiments in which emboli composed of agglutinated red
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from tuberculosis. The period allowed to elapse after removal from
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is the larger of the two, it has interposed along its
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obstetriciae exercitio non semper evitabili." Leipzig, 1792.
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recently treated in the hospital by this therapy showed that after
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"all or n..thin..' prinoiplo:" i.e.. tl.o i..to.,sity o( tho r.-sponso is more or
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.iiili'lcal.'il .'.\.'liall .il' 111.' irnu. niusl \<\n\,' uiiMi.-.'.-.srii|. >in.'c tli. cir.'cts
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with a chief complaint of, “Doctor I have a cancer of
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Immediately preceding her acute illness^ Baby B was perfectly well,
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tin in'iNuiis systiiii with a iirnjli' \ iilijs ii'iilts similar to tliusi' \irn'li
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this number, which would be nearly as many more. Therefore, if
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1 ar' ■■! it 1 .i--ii'i; '■•■ 1'.' !■ ".!»■ ■ il
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104. Studies on the growth of cells. Section of benign poljrp, frag-
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data on file. Selective tests were made of the income and
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Monday, March 15, 1948, 9:30 a. m. — Gold Room, Jefferson Hotel
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all moral responsibility before the desperate agony it causes ends in
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Quantities of pork exported to countries requiring microscopic inspection, 1892
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XII. Pneumococcus Meninaritls. By Pbederic M. Hanes, M. D.
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The new Swift’s Strained Meats are being used more
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cer is concerned. This unfortunate trend apparently
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autopsies during a part of their service. The autopsies were carefully
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actual inoculation, and its persistence among dogs and its frequent
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lioints of :\ )).iir of calipers sljind in order to he distintiuished as separate
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his young cattle for the prevention of spontaneous outbreaks of this
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and they demand to be shown the marks indicating the previous sat-
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whose symptoms were first controlled by thiouracil. Patient
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salts can not be procured, the tissues may be fairly well preserved
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TO THE DOCTOR WHO SMOKES A PIPE: We suggest an unusually fine new blend — COUNTRY
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the ni.iny caiis,.s of dialietes has L'reater interest heen slmwn than in

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