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to an ordinary manometer, and originally constructed by Ludwig and
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in removing the spasm which prevents the food from passing
he found a very marked injection of the back of the eye, with
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two drachms of liquor belladonnee had been employed externally
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chorea or rheumatic fever or frequent sore throats or colds. She
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Similar odor are emitted from the sides of sewers passing in the vicinity of church-
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in their promises and transactions should be punctual and honest, and act with
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in health, good blood, abundance of flesh and buoyant spirits.
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Disturbances in salt and water metaboHsm are usually those
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leg, but presents a certain amount of ataxia and unsteadiness in
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tion follows upon her footsteps — her flowery paths are filled with hidden thorns ;
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Laryngoscopy, — Tobold. Discision of Colloid Cysts of the Vocal
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and disease. He has also examined the eyes of patients in
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in proof of my theory that the blood contains the life-giving power, and the con-
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power of accommodation of any one or all of its functions, and
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■tmilar one which adjoins it, but in which the uterine walls are thin and there hat
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diet ; but tiny ate animal food as a divine ordinance, at the appointed festivals, or
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femoral artery, where the yessel passes under Fouparfs liga-
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gust, 1867, a discussion in which the speakers generally
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Very often strychnia has been given for a considerable length of
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ingenuity of our own could have led us to seek for, but which
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and to effect cures too remarkable to be ever forgotten, and too numerous to bo
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would not permit amputation, and died of pysemia; and the
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into the throats of the people, to take them t>> Greenwood or the Potter's
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and will be still more puzzled by the Parthian shot at the
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her ilhiess she suffered from some headache, but there was no
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they produce a state of intense irritation of the brain, which now (?)
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missed as a symptom of indigestion without due consideration of
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to damage the tolerance, for though glycosuria was controlled,
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BRET RATNER, M. D., Assistant Attending Pediatrist, Harlem Hospital; Assistant Visiting
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fatal, is very common, more so than in adults. At this period
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Case II. — Chronic Arthritis Associated with Apical Alveolar
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examined by Yirchow, and found to be made up of soft, hyper-
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pathetic ophthalmia. From a physiological, or even from a patho-
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penalty therefor, no less than the man who poisons his neighbors by keeping an in-
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only small doses, such as the twelfth of a grain, should be exhibited. — By

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