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lopment of germs existing in the body — to abortive

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cases. This last course would, of coui-se, have been

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Insanity, climacteric, in women, 91 ; artificial, ib. ; defi-

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ened when, on the death of the second child, a third

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ton, on the excellent effects attending the employ-

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Specimens, etc. Dr. Priestley exliibited a vai-iety

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regular, is rather small and weak, for the reason that the left ventricle

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j ceps, its unusually large size was at once a.pparent,

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opaque lens by an upper section ; its escape fi-om the

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bram. It is plain that, whatever be the result as to


the town, principally in the alleys and lanes ; and

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Address in Surgery — practical, sound, and truthful — by

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Munich. Bollinger attributed the frequency of this hypertrophy of

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daily till the animal is convalescent. The best mode

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I need not say, is most unjust to the medical officer.

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equivalent ? ^\'hy should they not be paid for their

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lieve that this was not more than two or thi'ee years

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pectineus ; and he could not stoop to tie his shoe.

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*Any one who wishes to satisfy himself of the manifold benefits

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one home, and that is in the steppes of the Eastern

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times a mild dose of phenacetin, grs. iii.-v. at bedtime, quiets ex-

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(b) Idiopathic hypertrophy in advanced life, 70 cases, of which

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invariably slept well. The pulse, noted several times,

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hours in a sand-bath at the heat of 100' Fahi\, being

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of the disease, while the heart muscle, being substituted by fat, is

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same time scepticism as to there being proof of the

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are neglected. The negligent man is, therefore, cer-

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of 1854 — I had arrived at the conclusion that the

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Moore on Antecedents of, rei'., 473; of bladder, Dr.

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to provide," etc., which is at variance with the public

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Mr. Cartmel, surgeon, of this city, requested me to

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