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recommends the adniinistratioD of chlorate of potash.

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soners. I saw, in one of the file-cutters' shops during

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profession is either degraded or is on the eve of be-

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complete obstruction of the mitral valve, dilatation of the left ventricle

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present get ; and, although I may confess, in conclu-

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which cause the disease are somewhere secreted in the body and under

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comply with the regulations in force before or after

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it not be so also with butter, fat, and oUy matters of

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monio-citrate of iron and two minims of liquor opii

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vassing — of hard election-fighting — is already an

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all on, 417 ; Mr. T. P. Salt on, )-cu.,529 ; cerebral, 685

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tion. There is, also, one of the endemic and epidemic

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in by imported cattle''. She does not give in to the

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STAMFORn, William A., Esq., appointed House-Surgeon to the Ches-

malegra customer reviews

the characters of a soft chancre ; and it is not pos-

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medical question may be treated by an eminent public

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in the highest sense of the term, result more or less

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come into tieing in this remarkable manner, it soon

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