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'..' have, up to the present, been undertaken in connection with

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monia, he seldom recommends it in ordinary cases, except as a

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and deglutition, is rather common. Peripheral facial paralysis, due

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longing to the kidney. They may atrophy and burst, discharging their

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doned. The alterations which take place in the skin, mucous mem-

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pressed from an opposite chamber of the skull toward the excavation

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employed the medicine in question for several years, and in a great

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infectious complications of intrathecal baclofen pump devices in a pediatric population

not perfectly known. The disease occurs chiefly in old age, and re-

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The portrait which accompanies this article is from a photograph taken

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negatively. When the inoculation takes place, and the changes de-

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" Grube : Verhandl. d. Cong. f. Inn. Med., 28, 189, 1900.

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phous disease of the intestines. It is difficult to explain this peculiar

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scrofula, and without fixed indications arising from the peculiarities of

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a few words about corrosive sublimate, for, although I am by no means

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and appears narrow and pointed. The thin, epithelial coating usually

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nal disease. The occasional application of leeches to the cervix is

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susceptible to the application than their more hardy brethren —

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lessened, as well as that, in the later stages, the virile power is en-

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from symptons of chronic mucous colitis, she had frequent

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they were impotent, and who have not succeeded on that occasion.

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most frequently accompanied by that of the muscles of the eye, by

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and good digestion, their intellect is clear, and the mental functions

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resorted to in cases, where the invading bacteria have already

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cines, contribute a great deal toward the development of a cachectic

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or non-contagious nature of the malady. All observers who have had

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the streptococcal infections of the skin and subcutaneous

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able degree of temperature was present, the pulse was always

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replacement of a baclofen pump

and others in treating certain tuberculous infections by the

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