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ment of the funds. Without the doctors, the Act is so much
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but chiefly because of a lack of absence of natural aptitude. The
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sented would be of interest especially from the few cases I found
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discharge soon ceases and a reparative process is begun. In those cases
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Ju/y 10. Is wearing hip-splint, and walks about considerably.
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blood itself, atheromatous changes in pulmonary arteries or from
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question of the utility of a sea voyage in consumption. If a tithe of the
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On January 10, 1919, it became necessary to do another opera-
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more, it at least indicates that the medical profession as a whole is
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were realized, as the tamponade and firm bandage quelled the hemorrhage
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ration and circulation are slowed; here there is little expenditure and no
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statements of Battlehner and Engelmann concerning the value of acetic acid
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of medicine, but a degree of moral turpitude the far reaching
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attained at this time, I should have done an open operation on that
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Treatment of Empyema, with demonstration of author's apparatus.
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the cause in a number of cases; that icterus produces this result has long
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impulse was found in the third left interspace, demonstrably presystolic
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folds which radiated from the region of the vestibule ; 3. Various stages in
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desired. This consists of placing the anus gently on the stretch
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suffer from gastro-intestinal derangements, skin disease, and early
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"Unquestionably, it is an ideal way of attacking the pus locked up fa
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method? There are none with the one exception of the possibility
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and the disagreeable symptoms caused by it. It was hoped that the re-
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of Compulsory Health Insurance from every possible angle. There
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Food in Health and Disease. By I. Burney Yeo, M.D., F.R.C.P.,
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Personally the author uses analogy to a considerable degree.
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illings would have been the choice of the profession for such a task,
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and concludes that ouabaine, although a good local anaesthetic for the rabbit,
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Proportion has been, almost throughout, well preserved in this diction-
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ation are exceedingly interesting. Even those who may not entirely
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friends of a returned soldier to look upon even the bare possibility of
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Two days after admission examination of the sputum showed Pneumo-
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manner of Jaksch, gave yellow crystals so resembling in appearance and
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and his medical education at the New York University and the
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New York, N. Y.; Address in State Medicine, John B. Hamil-
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and solid. These cases are rare, but one in thirty-eight thousand
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element of the blood." The simple estimation of their number is cer-
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London, in which I described the two forms of tubercle, and pointed out
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the matter of walking exercise and a reasonable moderation in the use
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