Afects Of Snorting Lamictal
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pelvis on the left side, or on the right, or it may not

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cases of typhoid fever, and especially upon one of great

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the chief points of practical importance, and given

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dispenser of justice in such a case is, to our mind,

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other persons; consequently it behoves those persons to

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Dissection of Eyes, by Mr. Wharton .Jones. Left Eye.

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during the last twenty or thirty years. Our readers

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Eeymoud, whose great work on Animal Electricity forms

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another direction, with the atropine paper to which 1

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how easy is it to bring half a dozen medical brethren

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mons, on Monday last, Sir Robert Peel moved for leave

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come well known by new or improved means of research

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t'urlher test by inoculating some one or more of the animals subject

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much doubt; and that it had this effect in the present

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him that, if lie did so, I would not stand unless a Fellow

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The Review of Dr. Harlev's Khok.— Sir: Jn the review of my

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answer admirably) having been passed through the pre-

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four hours at least, during which the bees feed on the

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to condemn Dr. Waters's treatment, to aid in the at-

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Yates, James, Esq., to be Medical Officer to the Newcastle District

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wh.cb the highest rate of mortality prewulei In tie

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— whether as to the number of courses, or of lectures in

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