Isotretinoin Rosacea Behandling
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readily accounted for. In this connection it will be interest-
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abscess that breaks. If it goes off in abundance, then make a linen
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opinions of Mr. Herbert Oldfleld, as mentioned in his letter
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much mischief had probably been done by purging and
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88.9 and the latter 11.1 per cent, of the whole number. Among
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Dr. Maunsell mentioned two cases of undoubted floating
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the [chairmanship of Sir Walter Foster— three witnesses
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Dr. Meaden had attended him lor pleurisy )a«t August and had
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2. Cerebral diabetes— including alleases of saccharine urine
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that the duties of the coroner, as at present defined and car-
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stricted diet— namely, to reducing the saccharine supply. If
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due to the establishment of a tolerance of tlie disintegration
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Bengal Sappers and Miners, for six months, on medical certificate ; Sur-
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Harvey, M.B., Wavertree ; Mr. .1. Hodges, Bury St. Edmunds; Mr. J.
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the work, the variations of temperature, combined with the bi-eathing
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ILawson, David Jas., M.D.Ediu., appointed Medicar Officer of Healtli to
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vention of the laws relating to vaccination regard the practice as likely
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whilst that contract or agreement exists. The former answer in the
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have been addressed to the New York State Legislature, pray-
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Council, suggested that the unvaccinated should be made to pay the ex-
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trar-General. Rates for 1847-53 Represented in each instance
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severe. In their case a loop of hair is passed up the vagina
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fairly be taken as indicating a proportionate increase in the
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deal to be said for the resolution, and very little for the exist-
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April itth to l.5th. Twenty-one oases, mostly adults.
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The recent outcry about an alarming increase of leprosy
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should authenticate them with their names— of course not necessarily
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In scarlatina, the method of simple antiseptic inunction of
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of a membrane blocking up the pupil, is generally septic. So
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author must be pronounced imperfect, uncritical, and not
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either. The Dispensary might sound a curious title for a
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required to attend on all the above-mentioned days.
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north of the county, as compared with the relatively, although
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Pleura of a man, aged 23. The tube had been inserted to
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surgeon had just severed the tendon of the biceps when sud-
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tains, eight of which are now published for the first time, are
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Surgeon-Lieutenant A. W. Harris, 1st Hampshire Artillery (Southern
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day before he ceases ^to be the recognised head of his medical
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treated without it; but, as Mr. Bruce Clarke suggests, it
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^* Queries^ atiswers, and communications relating to subjects to which
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-sodden, consequently the details if the fundus of the right eje are seen
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