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ence," and several of the others that the period of

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and named after it. No long whiskered, self consti-

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the separation is slight and the margins of the pla-

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tic immunization, and of the study of the protective

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an article by Dr. Frederic Bierhoff in which the pro-

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president of the faculty, has presided over the destinies

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cells ; these are the most numerous ; they are fairly large,

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they give rise, the differential diagnosis is supreme-

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ity from 0.174 to 0.442, and free hydrochloric acid

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Building constructed of brick and stone, and after plans approved

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cases, 85 deaths ; cerebrospinal fever, i case, o deaths ; in-

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senses of the inquisitive, were: the sky (ccther), sun

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logical lesion of the heart valves or some congenital

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riving at a conclusion whether or not the defendant

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ders, or regulations except as distinctly provided in

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where the plastic results were the prime requisites.

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so that a very large number of practitioners do not

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popular one, not written for the medical profession,

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ago." Subsequently, in a clinical lecture given be-

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the pancreas to diabetes some facts have been defi-

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Red Cross Hospital. — After a conference with the

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lost in the great majority of cases, for he will elect

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Pathological Society ; Hospital Graduates' Club New

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in the treatment of these cases. It was a bona fide

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cheerful, entirely free from pam, and with the wound near-

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something for their patients, and who realize fully

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in New York State has been secured for persons attend-

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who should not for these prejudices cast away hope; but

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action at the point of injection. Usually these are

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(1. l^i^cussion on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Infective

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was found to be exquisitely tender on the right half

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The brain as the centre of intellect. The intellect

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• of human physical suffering. Has not the long drawn

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istic wit, with those of J. Caesar and M. T. Cicero.

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2. A New Method of Intestinal Anastomosis, with Report

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