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successful. Public exercises were held in honor of the event, and the

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the hands are freshly washed with the bichloride solution. Infrequent

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ing the "principal zymotic diseases," as well as a few addi-

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j)laint is overlooked : the wasting, weakness, paleness are what

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and to strengthen relationships between local institu-

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ters of Cheyne-Stokes respiration. Temperature still high and

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crutches on September 23. — {Notes hy Mr. White.)

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made a good recovery. There were no symptoms of ulcerative endocarditis.

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The second attack was in September, 1889, and was similar in character,

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On the 3rd, however, the pains remained severe, and the tem-

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to Vitamin C, which may be an aide in the treatment

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zymes themselves, are growing together in the same filth ah

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• iH'^ . . .th ^ •cac4 r« : 755 ••^c-^ -04^ .cot- iHCo 'i-iiHcoco • 'iHiHooc^ r"I r4 .^ . ;

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The only word that we have heard her say is “Hi.”

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liability coverage proposal as recommended by the In-

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grants to combinations of, as well as single, public

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home and exposed to personal injury ; thus influenced, he jumps out of

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I. Hallux valgus. — II. Hallux valgus, with flat-foot and hammer-

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culosis. By A. A. Smith, M.D., Professor of Materia Medica

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guishing difference between the 1968 session and those

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chusetts. In your own state of Georgia it was 29.2,

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Post-partum Vomiting. — F 32 : An intemperate subject ; died with vomiting

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patient, and was advised to go to his home at Ipswich for two or

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exceedingly hard. The cut surface was mottled and in parts deeply

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inuscles and the diaphragm) ; (2) the active dilatation of tlie

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urgent cases, under the name of the Emergency Hospital. It con-

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pain, in old age, in many forms of heart disease. I have not found

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