Inderal Pamelor Nervous Disorder
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infection and dissemination, nevertheless displays great variation in its
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rComrounieated for the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.]
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of the antrum, while spirillum sputugenum is always found associated with
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AMOS 6. HULL, Office 4 Vesey Street, Astor House, New York.
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manifestations of secondary syphilis generally occur from six to twelve
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companies here, a permanent arrangement which insures to every indi-
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The most striking results of the treatment carried out in the manner
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but as the inflammation progresses there is a copious flow of mucus.
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Pres^cription gradually introduced for first fortnight. — (a) Sitting chest-lifting ;.
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practice recommended by a physician in Lower Virginia), acting proba-
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necessary. Throughout any course of treatment, at least twelve out of the
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Sects of professional success." — Dr. Charles Caldwell, of the Louisville
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Dropsy on the brain, 1— Infkntile, 3~scarlet fever, 3~croup, l^neaales, d— ctacrieralnftntuai, 1—
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badly borne by those who are predisposed to tubercle. In syphilis, mercury
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2d. At Bostony Mass. — A hospital is erecting in connection with
inderal and syncope
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movement, and finally succeeded in driving the cordon sanitaire gentle-
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child's binder. From twenty to forty grains of perchloride of mercury may
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of the arm-stretch determining the distance of the feet from the support. The
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rounding of the back, the ribs are consequently lowered, and if the dorsal vertebrae
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ment, or seeking refuge in the States. Dr. Rolph, one of the patriot
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tion fixed, and a liberal sum granted by the Legislature for the erectm
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same membranes become the seat of acute inflammation in the last stage
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Fio. 5. — Section of carious deiitiue. Leptothrix fibres in tubules of dentine.
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past year. The peculiar condition of the commercial world has been felt
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number of cases of heredito-syphilis the teeth show no deviation whatever from
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addressed to iliem will be prompll>-Mittended to. LOWE k. REED,
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mercuric chloride in three hours, by moist heat at 100° C in from five to thirty
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elected for 1838 : — Edward Tuckerman, President ; Jonathan Phillips,
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durescere gummi. The gumma in its typical form is a whitish or yellowish-
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a suitable staff, at an estimated cost of Rs. 13,020 per annum in
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peculiar and unexplained condition in existence at the time, and therefore
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from the tubercle bacillus. The tubercle bacillus is exceedingly pleomorphic,
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importance attaches to the prompt and vigorous treatment of the disease ;
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. peered to have lost its controlling power, and to have left each organ,

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