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a few hours or days, act by poisoning the heart muscle ; the toxins

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constant, approximating 5 per cent. Phosphorus runs slightly higher.

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reflex or paroxysmal bradycardia. It should be used with much

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From the records of these cases in the successive years of their

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the healthy, so the normal is but a relative term ; that which is normal

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(Medico-Chirurgical Transactions, London, XLV., p. 189). In no

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in women. It is variously estimated by different authors as being

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of physiologists, with regard to a sufficient and properly balanced

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bacillus lanceolatus, produce their specific effects in some people but not ■

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The diagnosis of neurasthenia cordis may be accepted only in

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consequence of strain or the rupture of an aneurysm, or a segment

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per cent. , while Valentiner, who compared the tissue of the normal

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Physical Signs. — Upon inspection the chest may show nothing

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listed below, but experience has shown that it is eminently practicable,

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duration of the disease at death or at the time the case was pub-

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what are their characters and significance are determined by the locali-

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On November 11 he was readmitted to Ward 71. He had lost 15 pounds in

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not succeeded in crossing it. The consequence is that while his book presents

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Tactile sensation was tested with absorbent cotton, which, in my

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the size of a small apple, resembling a hernia and occupying the left

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The heart may be very notably irregular in its action in gouty,

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with its stimulating effect on metabolism brought about retention of

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Lungs, liver, spleen, kidneys, cutaneous and subcu-

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* 70. Horsley : British Medical Journal, September 23d, 1893, p. 676.

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tion and flatulence, may be further relieved, and attacks of brady-

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finally, similar lesions are observed in the great coordinating center, the

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Gardner, F. P.: The rate of absorption of various digitalis preparations

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The history of the occurrence of fat emboli in the central nervous

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individual members or clans, and not yet as a national regiment. In-

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to six per second. The tremor of general paralysis and of alcoholism

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valve disease, one ; dilatation of heart, one ; cerebral hemorrhage, one ;

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to continue medical treatment and not to advise any operation. In

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ca ise pour FAvancement des Sciences, on August 9th, 1890. I0 On

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This palpation of the liver furnishes valuable evidence in diagnosis,

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* From the Department of Pharmacology, Medical College of Virginia,

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then expect glucose arising from ingested substances to be excreted

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tion of the occipito-frontalis muscle causes the very marked transverse

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with a little hot coffee ; the third half -pint, after a like interval, may

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below the thoracic duct, that is, in the efferent renal lymphatics. For

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therefore quite low, 2.5 per cent, for white children, 25 per cent, for

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studies was very close in each case, and the greatest difference was only

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coccus infection. The plasma was deeply stained with bilirubin, but

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