Imipramine Hydrochloride Toxicity
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opens new avenues of approach to unsolved problems.

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writer's personal notice from Maryland, Virginia, the District of

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when food is not jriven to the animal after the iiarticnlar sensation to which

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but I want to take this opportunity before you gentle-

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Tuberculosis: E. E. Glenn, M.D., Springfield, Chairman.

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dinner meeting at the El Patio Hotel, Cabool, at 7 : 00

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its centennial year in Atlantic City last June, has con-

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When the word " Pure ** is used in connection with the word " Lard," the lard must be

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purposes the carcasses and products of all cattle, sheep, and swine which on inspection

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horsemen prefer them for hostlers and grooms. Throughout Ken-

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146. *BoDERER, J. G.: "De foetu parasitico," Comm. Sc. Oott,

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the visnoscnsorv area is a detinite \ isuopsx idiie area, and similarl\ .

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Inserting the words '* and January, 1907," after the figures ** 1906 " in the seventh line

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with the feces of two tuberculous cows, the acid-fast bacteria were

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executive position one year prior to hospital admission

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all other health activities, particularly at the local

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W. J. Stewart. Columbia (1948); Nicholas S. Pickard. Kansas

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entry. Where a breed has no book of record in the United States,

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amining table No. 9905; Treatment table No. 9900; In-

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tissue with an associated dilation of the tubules and an atrophy of their

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and has created a special committee with Dr. Victor

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the microscopic examination in this country should be discontinued or the expense

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the Honorable Henry S. Caulfield, a former Governor

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ment representatives, at which feasible working plans were agreed

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1. In certain instances tubercle bacilli may be transformed, not

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Animals with a Milder Renal Lesion Which Pbogbessed After the Less

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elimination rather than by scientifically approved ex-

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In a previous report by Kossel ** (1908) we read the following:

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The results of this study do not bring to light any group of findings

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• International show lambs sold at auction December 6 at $11.26,

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