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fifty years ago, I read, " The operator must bear in mind the

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puffs. Investigation showed me lack of cleanliness and lack

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During the late Spanish-American war the typhoid bacilli may have

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The diminution in the size of the spleen and the increase in blood

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or not, he declares that practically they work wonders, and

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the greater the delirium or stupor, the more evident is it. Eepetition

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level, which would have lieen thought incredible two years jirevi-

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membrane separates, leaving a red, inflamed surface behind. The child

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strangers to cold water in health, to pursue the following course :

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Velpeau, Nelaton, and other great surgeons, on his hobby

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ducing nothing more nor less than the disease we call diabetes

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formation — the tuberculous and the scrofulous. The latter has a heavy

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a problem which the public must assist physicians in mastering.

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that external and internal hydrotherapy be given a fair trial, especially

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baited and bnll-dosed ;■ If an alderman or controller receives

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pneumonia are, as in other diseases, the same in children and in adult

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to be regarded as septic in nature. In these cases arthritis leads rapidly

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though less frequently (sero-fibrinous and empyema). Gangrene and

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other active roechanico-hydriatric procedure, it will refresh the ner-

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this great branch of medicine has developed and grown up.

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showed that there were over forty-one thousand of such peo-

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stimulated by the temperature of the irrigation, as it is in water drink-

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either tuberculous meningitis or peritonitis supervenes, and aids in

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capillary blood-vessels, which later are more or less compressed (as a

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or have progressed or ])resent pressure symptoms, should he placed

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in any cause to prove anything, and investigate the reason why the

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part of the town for residences ; where the air is pure, loaded

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milk, to be repeated every two hours. Salicin (gr. x — 0.648, every

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habits of the most careful observation. It is very easy to be

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Treatment. — Of first importance is the removal of the cause when-

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domain of surgery, from a hip-joint case to the most delicate

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Theobromine is the alkaloid of cocoa, and is very much in

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