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the first question — that the case requires the fidl detraction of blood,

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they represent two foetuses or only one, the polysomatous and the

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cat, he, or the gentleman who exhibited it, does not know ; but he can-

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marked by a local inflammation known as a sore or chancre. Hereditary

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family as well as school physician to take the trouble to examine the bare

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stages into which syphilis is divided for descriptive purposes. Neuralgia

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of the shoulders, which are well drawn back ; the elbows touch the sides, {b)

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is announced by the publishers. Although we have not yet received a

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inflammations appear to be more amenable to mercury and the iodides than

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(iv.) Chest-shaking is a movement intended to deepen inspiration, and besides

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moss, carbohsed tow, and gamgee tissue are all excellent applications.

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the lids, the surface of which whs slightly inflamed. An efflorescence

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due to the greater likelihood that they are alcoholic ; but persons of spare

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with the strobiles of the bop, and gently warmed, until the aroint is

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