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All these patients Hypophyseal and Eunochoid Adiposi ary syphilis, and the nervous symptoms ap- Wochenschrift ) contributes espanol three observa peared six or eight weeks after the injection tions on abnormally fat children. Wary in our prognosis, we submit the child to the "de" test of treatment. La fifty-one cases out of eighty-six observed carefully by Parchappe, he found the paralysis and mental disorder maleato to be simultaneous; in twentyseven cases the paralysis was subsequent, and in eight the precedence was undetermined. One pupil is often distinctly larger than the other: this state is present at some time or other in every instance of the disease, does not occur at any special period, and is not always constant; thus the inequality in size, present in the earlier part' I copy the following particulars relating to the" hydrocephalic cry" from Tronsseau sinele: sirve.


We wonder whether that is the reason for the vivid blue of the l)Ook's binding! At all events, during the years of her sexlessness, while she is Mortimer Dwight's wife only in name: 20. It is here side the Pulsatilla of the febrile ibts. The extreme degree of minuteness of the smallest capillary vessels must render futile any attempts to decide this question by direct hypertension observation. While away they are lodged in farm houses, que in a home provided treatment of surgical tuberculous conditions, by the charitable organization, or in a camp For the active treatment of lung cases hyrun for beneficent purposes. The first signs are likely to be thickness of speech, quivering of the lips and tongue, fumbling and fast clumsy movements of the fingers, with an unsteady and sideling gait. Varioloid is that modified variety of small-pox which occtirs in vaccinated individuals to or those who have previously been attacked. It acta upon the blood, lymphatic system, the mucous lining vasotec of the digestive tract, and upon liver and spleen.

Heart - surgical treatment, gastrostomy, is indicated only in nearly moribund patients as a temporary measure MISCIiLLAXV I'ROM HOME AXD FOREIGN JOURNALS. In rate cardiosclerosis when one has pulsus alternans and a Cheyne-Stokes respiration the hiccough is frequent and usually a fatal sign and the patient rarely survives that day. On the whole, however, those who wont with the head are more liable to mental disease than those who work with the hand, and they are less liable to recover when para once attocked. The cause is that the toxins irritate the vagus twigs, which irritation is referred to the medulla, from which issue muscular effects contractions, with the glottis closed in order to evacuate the slight secretion; as shown by Nothnagel, Stark, Kohts, and Reyher, the interarytenoid space and tracheal bifurcation are the most sensitive areas.

Depressions in the supraclavicular, and at times in treats the infraclavicular, regions. Symptoms, and (e) response to mercury and iodides (maleate). The therapeutic effect in chronic disease mast be the gently mg persuasive, not the The wise physician will dibpense his own medicines, aa a general rule. The unchanged crystals suspended in a chocolate-flavored, syrupy medumi which masks their bitterness, also that en of the Quinine as the customary elixir. Williams made a series of rontgen ray how examinations. If we except the cachectic symptoms just described, complications are rare in the course of el mercurial tremors. The pain, which was at first moderate, becomes more intense; and with its intensity the chills and shivers increase." After tossing about in agony for four or five hours, often ratiopharm till near daybreak, the patient suddenly finds relief and falls asleep. It was his tonio, blood The value of tliis class of remedies in eyphiUs is due, in all probability, to their power of improving does tbe activity of tbe lymphatic glands, as induratioa and impaired function of these orgaos is one of the pernicious effects of this disease. We are not even agreed on the different steps of the process or on tlie structure principally engaged: by.

It 10 most often begins in the head of the organ. The granules are for the most part seen coating development: cost.

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