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mends an external incision just in front of the sterno-mastoid

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ably to a purulent catarrh. There was slight cardiac palpitation and some

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There was a slow but steady improvement in all symptoms from this time

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and the nits should be looked for in every case of this kind.

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cated to another person." This shuts out the idea, which is very im-

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stant with the latitude. A sailing vessel running south from one of the

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tiple abscesses not connected with the bone, and Bouillaud,'^ writing on

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foods, bitters, mineral acids, or tonics, have been tried in vain. Doubt-

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tinuation beyond the median line can be ascertained in the trans-

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wound, and an escape of lochia into the peritoneal cavity: hence the

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use her moral influence so that her pupils should be properly shod.

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removed. The uterus was closed with twelve buried stitches of carbolized

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Exemption: But this is not required of a Physician or a Den-

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charge of the gentleman before he came under my observation.

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of pathogenic microbes, and the staphylococci are carried by the veins,

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24 hours after operation he was very ill. The temperature was

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that I am led to contribute my experience in the diagnosis and

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important topics, to which I naturally have had my attention directed.

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The patients were generally given five-grain Blaud's pills (iij to vij

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show you picture of his original fracture and also the result we got of this

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in that city, at a time when a small number of such cases had also been

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muscles. Slight paresis of right limb. He will romp sometimes, but is

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pons Varolii, involving chiefly its outer border and inferior surface, the

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Library where they will be kept up to date by a force assigned

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in 1887, in which the patient's sufferings were wonderfully relieved to the

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meeting of the German Gynecological Society, the results of his experience

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