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IV. Electro- Magnetism. — As the facts upon this subject are

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spine, hands, muscles, joints, bones, ligaments and tendons. „ „ . , „ „

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interests and for the general welfare and benefit of all

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Dr. Bay, they w T ill themselves be honored by their medical

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difficult and rapid breathing. I returned in two or three

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nervous rest, but that (d) during action these external currents

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ings revealed marked interstitial fibrosis, reactive

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with difficulty, and only after the persevering use of compres-

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and popular journals teem with discussion. That the

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On entering her bedroom, I saw the patient, a young married

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a large quantity of serum, a high grade or concentrated

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for primary care providers; but perhaps we can take

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mined to try the indigo weed. I made a strong decoction

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turing should be more than a minor concern for public

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that every part of the organism is undergoing a process of

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rangement of fevers, we should endeavor to find out some

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over the right sterno-mastoid ; though I had noticed some

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Mushrooms alford food for swarms of insects and their

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The delirium soon becomes furious, with flushed face and

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edly limit these means, and virtually nullify these resources.

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quinine in permanently breaking up the paroxysms of re-

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ing upwards, and another valve in the neck, and between

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less distinct than I ever remembered to have found it in a re-

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(i-ansfusioii and early and neai'ly continuous inhalation

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disease. When describing the importance of including

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which the conditions thus discovered might be explained, Dr.

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ducing this mode of medication on the large scale in our London

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" Of the 47, the seat of disease was the endocardium alone

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neither so small or rapid. Although the origin of this form

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Cancer Conference - 11:00 a.m., St Luke’s Midland Regional Medical Center, Aberdeen, Info: Dr. Roy Burt, 662-5194.

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Each one of these forms of remittent, may terminate in the

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find among my previous observations, several in which I

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Because SDFMC currently reviews a random sample of Medicare claims, the prevalence of a

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cally for over two minutes at least. The movements are, of

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