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It may also be made by Bryant's line, which consists of a line drawn
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gradual in its development and called "compensatory" hypertrophy, be-
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HhQ functional murmurs which occur in /ez;ers are usually heard only
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seat of hyperplasia. Atheroma of the ophthalmic arteries has been
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the pain, the more extensive the gastric inilammation. Death may occur
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there is tendency to a return of the hemorrhage, evervthiug likely to bring
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ulcerative process may be established, and the purulent accumulation may
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other streets, formed the nucleus for the development of the disease in the different localities to which
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carefully avoided,. and in its treatment the general hygienic measures of
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be found of temporary service. The importance of a restricted diet, and
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show that such may exceptionally be the case. The supposition that the
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tion of a slough, and the slough is seated in the areolar tissue ; if by any
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ening varying from a few lines to half an inch ; it is more or less firmly
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not coffee-ground, and the vomited matters contain free hydrochloric acid.
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thinnest part ; if into the oesophagus, trachea, or a bronchus, it breaks at
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or dropsy of the Mdney. The dilatation may affect the ureter and pel-
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ture is not extreme ; perhaps a fall of two degrees is first noticed. In my
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tric cardiac hypertrophy ; in both cases there is increased dulness in the pre-
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cords, or arytenoid prominences are seen early, they are sometimes curable.
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The treatment is the same as in tuberculosis of other regions.
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tolerated longer than that of any other organ. Death is reached either by
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(which is the muscular guide), opposite the greater cornu of the os-
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more thickening, adhesion, and retraction than those at the mitral valve.
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It occurs far more frequently, and more extensively than
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some cases even higher than during the period of invasion. Violent delirium
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largement may be due to hypertrophy, but is more frequently dependent
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either hot or coUl, but they should not be alternated. In clironic jiliurvn-
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The turpentine is an active antiseptic but is too irritating to be used on
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left subclavian branches. — From laboratory of anatomy, American School
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■without as with medication. I would insist that relapsing fever patients
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but may occur anywhere on the body or ramus. The coronoid process
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named mental emotion, great grief, or fear. It is doubtful if obstruction
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more than fifty pounds of liquid at the time of delivery. The author
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uation, and after a time grows red, and finally a valvular opening is
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of potassium have been proposed as internal remedies to destroy the echino-
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hence the term may be applied to the lung or brain, as well as to any of

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