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head. I concluded that I had caught cold from unusual ex-

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read before the Rock River Medical Society, May 18th,

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splints already alluded to. Without the employment of this

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acter were made, with a view of diverting his attention,

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and staphylococcal infections. Within several years

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commit a grave mistake ; for they have left after them a njass of

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an analysis by Professor AttfieLl of some beef broth before and

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to those of us from South Dakota. And the geographic

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supposed to be the case, and less frequently than Dr. Nasse of

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times, more slate-gray ; and this contrasts much with the

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of that time went to work. He continues to improve.

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that organic disease had seized on the citadel of life, and the

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' 8 ' ' apparently at the same instant, one above the other,

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judge. Du Bois' problem is to account for the electrical pheno-

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dently by nervous agency alone, that I am unable to come to

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tion of milk in the barn, that the standard may be cor-

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there is no remedy. While no more than four or five

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treated, disinfection of clothes practised, and fumigations with

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I hope that, as the profession has of late manifested a dis-

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signs of pericarditis, as the bellows murmur is of endocar-

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The most useful report is probably the SDFMC Category of Concern Report, which subtotals the

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the speculum, merely by emollient and astringent injections,

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alike to his profession and to his jtatients. It is due to

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quently resorted to in children when it is unnecessary —

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by the kidneys. Ethereal solution of peroxide of hydrogen (or, as

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sioned, I can appreciate his efforts and observations.

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Emergency Medicine 1995: Skills and Knowledge for the Practicing Physician, UNMC, Ctr for Cont Educ, Omaha, NE.

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ported by, or consigned to and sold by Messrs. Cumming,

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matter under the chin, " which must be let out." They

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red since the last abortion or labour. The nearer a female

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organ as in locating the disturbance and in assisting

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