Femara And Cushing
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a partner of the regular county health officer and had agreed

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The patient lost very little blood during the operation, as none of the ves-

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iced water to the head ; sponging the body with the chlorides, and occa-

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avert these consequences in man through a treatment

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membranes, in the burses, and in the sheaths of the tendons, and it is

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sary to obtain a license to practice medicine In British Columbia,

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be readily demonstrated by any bacteriologist and its

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of the form at one end and then rushes out at the other, and

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organ which can never be apprehended by sight or touch

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tells us, by a feeling of suffocation ; and there is occasionally to be heard a

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the United States, and from oral and dental societies in good

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ble amount of new material." Thomas Brj'ant,' in his

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received the fanciful name of "bronchial polypi," are very quickly regene-

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femara and cushing

as epidemic cholera, smallpox, and tuberculosis, and from

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ciated among us. It is, indeed, a useful work, and the notes of Dr. Swett,

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in the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy (with a motto). Fifth edition, with additions.

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tribution of the right fifth nerve. A suppurative pharyngitis

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conversion or digestion formed by the action of saliva

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pancreas to diabetes is the relation of the islands of Langerhane

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has the good of the state at heart and that he regrets

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regard to tumors of the Fallopian tube, especially be-^

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heart (Gaz. Med. 1837, p. 671), thought that it would be sufficient to pre-

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these, and yet no one who has witnessed the sufferings

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conditions with increased size and weight by correcting

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surgical treatment. He thinks it is allowable to. make an

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turned ; bladder and bowel symptoms much Improved ; recovery.

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diameter. The portion of the brain involved was about the size of a large

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regulation is a good thing. A law does not go at once

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about 50 per cent, of those where the family history

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an author on subjects of public health is an excellent and

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of which were cured, with the exception of one case, in which specks

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textures, free from disease. I have notes of one abscess in the soft parts,

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