Cilostazol Blood Thinning
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State Medical Association, spoke on “A Challenge to

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found to have undergone changes which render them unsound, unclean, unhealthful, un-

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as a pale, pink-staining cast. There is, however, a low epithelium to be

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guarantee the inspected product as untainted by diseases, but which

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PRIVINE (brand #/ nafbajjglim) • Tradt^mark Rtg. V. S. Paf. Off,

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light and good artificial light are provided on the sheep-killing fioor of this house.

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by the proper official at the port where the animals are unloaded.

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onset of illness characterized by chiUs, fever, cough

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Nation bounded on the south by the northern boundary of the Creek Nation, and a line

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Catherine Burnett, Lorraine Kramer and Bertha Thom-

cilostazol blood thinning

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consisting of 1 part of plasma and 1 part of an isotonic solution of

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