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away any lymph or blood which may have collected on the eye,

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desired to locate all Medical Corps activities around

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proved to arise from suffering the labour to be prolonged beyond

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finite data toward the establishment of a diagnosis.

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All contributions of interest to the editorial department

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The gas is put into a bag and I use a bag that holds

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a later date, or reported negative. It is to be un-

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perforation of the viscus, in which case nature, as

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rous rnembrane of the lung ; that many cases of phthisis seem to

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moderate sized probe, Theobald five or six, was then

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and of these, six died. As they presented some varieties in

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cially prone to develop in children. This might have

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and disadvantages of each mode of practice, and concludes

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at each of two sittings at intervals of two to three

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tients, secondary abscess in thirty, and intestinal

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secondary symptoms. The management of the case up to and

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rcction, they are all deticient. i have treated theni

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tion, incubation, and source. If the patient denies

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flow through one of the faucets, a rubber tip or cap

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ters is essential to the healthy state of animals, so any deviation in

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est to the practising physician. We ofifered a prize

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lens, produced by iritis which had been neglected, not having been

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of the most fascinating chapters of medicine, a sub-

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is a wise one. The earlv attempts were discouraging

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ing a differential diagnosis between that condition

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French range with a capacity sufficient to feed 300

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rious hi the extreme, and in some cases even fatal.

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tract, their business seems to have been that of cita-

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the uterus ; the first always the result of childbirth,

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which, after being stained with this fluid, were useless when washed, and fell to

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]5arts subject to l]:e greatest degree of compression,

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the dementia prascox groups into two main divisions

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os tincae was dilated about the size of sixpence ; the margin

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