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ginis Yolio Alpini fin Lib. de Plantis exoticis ) Nar-

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or Tufts of flowers are of a greenijh yellow , which

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lift rum Americanum , i^/’ Virginianum minus pur -

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^* Dixon, Fox and Rucker: Health Report, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,

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thereof be beaten with fome Vinegar, and applied to

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A. C, white, male, aged five years, was admitted to Polyclinic

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The Stalk is for the moft part near a hoot high, and

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the Tops of the Stalks , grow fmall white Flowers ■

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each of the cuts or divifions being deeply notched or

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especially the strange and peculiar. In many instances, however, the

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and prevails againft Scabs, Pimples, Wheals, Herpes,

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Sow -Bread, Cyclamen, Cyclaminus, Art an it a, Panic

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Difference either in Root , Leaf or Form of the Flow-

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who blistered freely and repeatedly, and gave alcohol and car-

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Root of this is like the former, and its large Leaves

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ther, and an odd one at the end, all of them dented

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gy, Pallie, Convulfions, and other like Difaffefli-

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Flowers like the former , but differs in this , that the

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