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the Belts of Scotland, whose ancestors can be traced back

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as that of any other Western gynascologisl. He, also.

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collegiate interest preserved by his son, the Rev. Gershom Bulkley,


warmly praised by the critics for his playing of this very piece.

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Intra-venous Injection of Phenic Acid. — " La Cronica

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machine-made medicines, nor did he intend ever to teach such

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sea-baths, gives the following resume of his conclusions : —

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College with the New York University Medical College. With the


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If the acute affection merge into a chronic condition of stiffness and swell-

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reply in full, without further comment than the remarks that an

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daughter, who is very devoted to him, resides with hits

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infantry rifle cartridge. The multiplicity of the injuries

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have listened to his lectures. During the most of this

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January last, as physician of the African Missionary Expedition, is reported to have

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a day spread out his legs, and rub backward and forward with

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pelletierine, or pumpkin-seeds, therefore tried the following

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A healthy king may present a large gap at the aperture of exit

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answer to the question. As we are aware, the cases meant for

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to-day every conscientious and scientific physician suffers in

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times in this country, Dr. Harmon A. Vedder being of the eighth

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fessor of Abdominal Surgery and Gynecology, Albany Medical Col-

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speaking our familiar language, and whose brains and hearts

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spirit of the age, subtly iconoclastic under its boast of utilitari-

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In 1832, when a terrible epidemic of cholera visited Paris, the

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maining there one year when he returned to New York City and en-

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It often comes on quite rapidly without any ascertainable cause. There are

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tensive and valuable in the entire South. Col. Chambers

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five papers on useful and interesting subjects. Commendable

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this line of medical science. As an educator Dr. Dench has a long

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and surgical practice are well-nigh as numerous as there are

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showing brownish venous ramifications ; phlyctense are

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prior to receiving his degree, that being a part of his professional edu-

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on " Hygiene of Decline of Man," containing statistics that will

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