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A purgative is always indicated in the treatment of this disease,

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results of inoculation tests, fiscal year 1905-6 36

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such thing, but the parts were here as smooth as the bottom of an acorn cup.

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ti,.„lar sensation Tl ondition. are r.:my not unlike those whieh ob-

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requested the appointment of a similar officer for that market, and

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Esophageal Fistula Associated with Fused Kidney. A Case

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It Is necessary to insure all the products of the packing house against fire,

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eaten by the people of this country. In case living trichinfls or nondisintegrated dead

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onlv in tern.s of psyeholosrie ideas that in lar^-e part are der.ved from

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character of the tubercle bacilli of this parrot culture became so

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the law, sends its experts in sanitation, who look over the plant and

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suits iiiiceria!!! .-'.nd of little v.-i.lue. Tha.t some retention "f water (iccurs

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'-'i-l- 'Il '! li-. |iii|,ils ha\,' h,-,ii al,li. t,i .h'termin,. th,- am,, mil ,it' yluc'is,.

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ones. An estimate of several hundred yields the following percentage:

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gives no control, however, over the canning of poultry or fish.

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changes in the organs and tissues and these seemed so irreparable, that

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derived from the repeated passage of the tubercle bacillus through

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"earners, ocean, carrying animals, inspection regulations 393--i02

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The dog owner who knows what rabies is from experience, if he

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tative body, which will meet at the headquarters of

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tional syphilis, showed at autopsy gummata of the pectoralis major muscl^

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cause, the Commissioner said, also had been a great burden, and the

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She gave a definite history of mumps in childhood, and

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spected more than once, thus making the number of Inspections considerably larger than

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they had been placed in the same category. After dis-

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althoiiuh one such animal Iieeame acutely dialietie after liiratiire of the

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mainly due to differences in environment during the course of their

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stances, renal colic or repeated attacks of urinary

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Intire, is now appearing regularly. The format has some

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north of the Elbe. But it is not possible to say how many were

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In place of the above the following book of record has been certified :

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slaughterers. In either case, if the products are to go into interstate

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o-B, respectively. From the water cylinders the gas passes into

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This belief was further substantiated by the fact that the renewal of

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may easily be used in tube-feeding. Swift’s Strained Meats

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pru'liich's 111' till' saiiii' sidi' TIii' I'i'i'cliial iiiipiilM's I'liinn'ct with ni'iiniiis.

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Conservation of Eyesight — C. Souter Smith. Springfield,

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