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bathed bv the ravs of the sun, while the head remains in the shade.

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under the negative pole, it is immediately dispersed by the

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Knowledge of groups and classes of children concerns not only our-

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gauze of various degrees of mesh, and the latter employing felt.

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haps, might be compared to an S lying on its side, with the ends bent

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ease. Cornet finds that in Prussia the general mortality from

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An exhaustive bibliography and a carefully prepared index materially

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tion of pathological specimens, and is for ordinary work preferable to

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a great many instances the affection has been acquired from nursing

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of simple atrophy, while sometimes active degenerative changes — e. g.,

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patient has freedom of choice but cannot choose because he

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parts. The process of necrosis is much more speedily accomplished,

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observed involving large areas of lung tissue ; but associated with the

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membrane and the muscular and serous coats of the bowel. The former

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area during this initial period. It was again proved : That patients

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This coming year will be a difficult, but exciting one. Of

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almost impossible to pluck them without tearing the

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where obtainable, climatology, and, in fine, all matters germane to

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the lung invaded by the tuberculous process or impaired by pleuritic

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1. Department of Medicine, First Thursday, 7-8 a.m.. Auditorium.

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army surgeons show better than any others the low mortality from

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fracture-line involving the lateral articulating facet. "^^

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haps, might be compared to an S lying on its side, with the ends bent

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adhesion to the h'ver and other structures ; but the downward displace-

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principle, there is no drug that can be employed with the same

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mortality was 10.6 per cent., and in all cases showing Type I, either

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with a wheezing noise; he gasps for fresh air, makes strong,

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made this condition a much less serious one than formerly. Among

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Take the B D current, (A D is very good), of fair medium

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York, and the interesting work on this subject by Dr. Flick, of Phila-

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was not advanced. One of the cases of squamous carcinoma reported

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Dr. Castellahos, then a general practitioner at Panama, and a

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physician, but also his best and most confidential friend.

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in winter. He says : " A heated room should not be warmer than 65°

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