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by a retention of faeces, somewhat obstinate, perhaps, but one which

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aneurism of the abdominal aorta gives rise, are manifold. It mar

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Commission, om* Chicago, or to the hungry of their Ireland, or

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When the provincial boards of health were abolished in 1906 there were

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Poisoning by carelessness is most frequently induced by copper-

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Whenever the attempt is made to correct tliis cause of disease

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and results obtained. Each competitor must present a brief or report in

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evacuations, show what kind of poison has been taken. In the most

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tubes are obstructed by secretion, and while their communication with

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cut directly through the coats of the artery down to the vein.

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fore described (p. 448) as caused by the impossibility of getting the

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only puncture, but drainage, was necessary to save life. Puncture alone

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taticm as possible. Castor-oil seems to suit best, and, according to

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richer in salt (chloride of sodium) than the ashes of the blood, and that

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which hardly owes its virtue to the cochineal Half a tumbler of soda

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bandage for an hour after having massage applied. If he does not wear

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preserved, thus forming a contrast to what occurs in syphilitic ul-

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on this congestion. JRiUiet and Borthez consider it not improbable

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requires two rollers, the inner one of which is saturated with

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Sixteenth Annual Report of the Trustees of the State Lunatic Asylum,

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we will speak of this in the chapters devoted to these subjects.

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possess the power of becoming red blood-corpuscles.

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infractions often produce inflammation of the surrounding pulmonary

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general health of emphysematous patients, is excellent, although only

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washed away by an increased secretion of urine. When the biliary

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ate than in the diffuse form. If the exudation be not extensive, these

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Eosinophilia in Filariasis. Bull. Johns Hopkins Hospital, (1902), 13, 133.

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though very slight, may play a certain role. An observation which, if

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the uvula and the parts of the soft palate bordering it At first the

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an established epidemic, with black-vomit occui'ring without

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The heavier the heart becomes, so much the deeper does it lie.

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spleen-pulp, which KdUiker considers the epithelium of the splenic

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common occurrence of permanent vesicular ectasia of capillary bron- .

duphalac oral solution

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