Drugs Causing Disulfiram Like Reaction With Alcohol
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Croydon, Norwich, and Wolveiiiampton, and tlie liigliest rates in
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to test these figures in any way, but it is obvious that the
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much increased when the description of the diseases of the
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LiTEEAEY Intelligence. — Messrs. Bailli&re, Tindall and
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— a view already advocated from another standpoint by Dr.
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Devon. Dr. Fiessinger has published, in the last number of
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ham Hospital Reform Committee, of which our chairman and
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hypnotism as a remedial agent, and gave evidence from their
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From facts obtained in a purely experimental manner, he
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In view of the great and coustautly-increasing pressure on our space, wc
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administered and :!1 ounces of pus were removed from the right side by
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London; Liquor Carnis Company, Manager of, London; Dr. J. D.
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glucose solution and 3 drops of a glycerine extract gave much
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Dr. R. Jones, Dr. W. G. Lowe, Mr. W. Rivington, Dr. J.
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Mr. Stanley Boyd's article on general surgery is a wonder of
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A conversazione next took place, and the Montagu Mando-
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inflammation of exposed skin and eyes, headache, slight
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Willett. All did well. In only two was there any suppura-
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sions, it is by no means at the root of the evil. It springs,
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Jearn, settled their ditt'erences arising out of recent small-pox occur-
drugs causing disulfiram like reaction with alcohol
lower tracing is that of the blood pressure, and is recorded from
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fall of pressure after the cessation of vagus stimulation con-
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thought, memory, and speech. He has one chapter upon
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shown in each figure. In all cases a record of time in seconds
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anthrax involving the brain, reported by Meckel, is abstracted ;
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formed, and the patient in about two minutes commenced to
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water becomes attached to the particles of the double salt
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advocate the objects of the Society. What these objects are
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carried some distance away h-om the sleeping person. The water becomes
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epithelioma), the patient, a medical man, remained quite
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justice to the graduates of English, Irish, and Scotch
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current year: Pre sirl ent : John Broadbent, M.R.C.S. ; Vice-
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pletely to close its lumen. This was evidently the cause of
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pancreatic secretion, as the more acid the chyme is when it
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Medical Education and Hospitals of the American Medical Association.
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spoonsful of brandy eveiy two hours, with cold water to sip

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