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blood-shot; large drops of perspiration roll off the body,
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tion is associated with general impairment of muscular power
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fic for drunkenness has been acetate of ammonia, which is
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cases, especially in those resulting from glandular diseases. It
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Damiana exerts a tonic and stimulating influence upon the
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coat of the cyst puts the tubercular character of the peritonitis
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whitish in appearance, later mixed with mucus, and at last
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politan District of New York," would respectfully report as the result of
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be greatly prized when known. In tardy or difficult labor add
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"In general terms, veratrum is the remedy in sthenia, aconite
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not the gross dose of matricaria that will overcome these morbid
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serve the pain finding expression in marked muscular contraction
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the rules for its administration already noticed — the patient must
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It is best combined with those articles which modify its action,
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character, poverty and wretchedness, it is the habit of tippling.
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the appetite and giving better digestion. We observe the same
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or 500,000,000, thereafter once a week up to 1,000,000,000.
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stance is true. We were therefore prepared to encounter difficulties
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Place a pail of thin gruel so the animal can suck it ; this
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persisting lithiasis, and this will often enable one to comprehend
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In urticaria, or '"hives," when there is the usual itching or
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forts that liberality can supply, ministered to by willing
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less unpleasant to the taste, but in other respects its properties
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days before being removed ; and thus, by absorption and
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past experience what was required, even in labor which was
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OF Conception, by M. Constanten Paul, Interne des Hd-
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or if the center of the hardened swollen tissues is not yet dead,
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weight in the epigastrium ; full pulse, with such rapid action of the
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trunk must be ex])lained by the fact that the latter operation
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woman of fifty-six, was taken with a chill, followed by an ex-
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If we examine arnica, we find that it "quickens the pulse and
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directly indicated. Post-scarlatinal nephritis is a frequent con-
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of potassium, sulphite of sodium and dilute sulphurous acid
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in anemia associated with neurasthenia and rheumatism. In
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a fibroid tumour, of the size of an orange, growing from
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our inhabitants have emigrated from the Eastern States,
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conditions and functions underlie others, and seem to be first
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nervation, and by its influence upon the sympathetic nervous
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been found useful, and it is a remedy of some value in asthma.
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other hand, Kibes, Copland, and Cruveilhier agree in re-
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ing; sense of fullness and oppression in the region of the heart;
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excess, defect and perversion, though the last is the most im-

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